Manual attendant wheelchair
For children & adults

  • Highly adaptable
  • Indoor & outdoor wheelchair
  • Grows with you
  • Crash tested

6 Colour Options

Key Features

  • Excellent all-rounder
  • Highly adaptable 
  • Indoor & outdoor wheelchair
  • Long-term solution 
  • Available in five sizes: XS to XL
  • Up to 110kg user weight

What’s Included

  • Tilt in space chair
  • Push handles
  • Foot operated parking brakes
  • Foot operated anti-tip levers

Optional Features

  • Recline to 180-degrees
  • Hand-operated drum brakes
  • Postural support, medical & lifestyle accessories
  • Compatible with Octoback

Excellent all-rounder, tailored to your needs

A super indoor and outdoor wheelchair, Chunc One is our signature chair. Durable, functional and stylish, Chunc One is suitable for those with moderate to profound disabilities.

Every chair can be adapted to suit your child’s individual needs. Our seating specialist will work with your therapist on a one-to-one basis to understand your specific requirements.

Our range of postural support chair accessories enables us to achieve optimum pelvis and spine position for each user, along with excellent support for thighs, head and feet positioning.

New for 2022, Chunc One is now available up to XL size, enabling most adults to have the option of staying in a Chunc wheelchair for life.

Grows with you

Our design means that using our Growth Kits, your Chunc One can grow as your child grows or their needs change. In other words, you can keep one chair for life.

Tilt in space wheelchair

Chunc One has a 45-degree tilt in space chair feature which means the chair can be tilted whilst maintaining correct posture. Being able to tilt the chair provides pressure relief as well as allowing a greater feeling of comfort and relaxation, when required.

Easy to recline

Our Recline option enables the Chunc range of wheelchairs to be reclined back to a horizontal position – ideal when you wish to use the chair as a changing station, or even in a medical emergency.

I was so fed up with pushing a heavy wheelchair around, it was doing my back no good. My physio suggested a Chunc wheelchair and I have never looked back. My daughter has cerebral palsy and no balance, finding the right chair for her was very difficult. The Chunc wheelchair is very light to push and the pram style handle can be adjusted to suit different carers. It has the right support for her and a recent X-ray confirmed that her spine is completely straight.  The different attendants at day care all say that out of all the wheelchairs they see the Chunc is their favourite.  The service we receive from Chunc is excellent. They are very quick to respond, friendly and always there for you if you have any questions.

Elaine Steele, Parent

The new Chunc One wheelchair base with its sleek design and colours of black and red is very attractive. Its shock absorbing properties are par excellence, especially for users who like motion. Together with its wide wheels with deep tread, this makes for ease of pushing for the attendant – especially on uneven surfaces and rough terrain.

Faustina Turner, Physiotherapist

What we have really appreciated over our years with Chunc, is that they accommodate our needs. Our daughter’s condition is ongoing so we are often in touch with our Seating Specialist, Morgan, and he is always obliging and attends meetings with ourselves and our OT. It means a great deal to us that we can have an on-going relationship with the Chunc team.

J Weaver, Parent

We have been Chunc customers for the past seven years. Both daughters have them and recently have moved to moulded seats. We have found them both attractive and robust. Although a little expensive initially their longevity makes them a cost effective option. Our seating specialist, Ian Park, has always been friendly and knowledgeable providing excellent service, even travelling to our holiday destination to repair a gas strut after an emergency breakdown. I highly recommend Chunc.

Tracey Newell, Parent

I have been a fan of Chunc products for 16 years. I find it to be one of the most versatile seating systems/wheelchairs on the market. It can accommodate a huge range of users. And with the ability to offset supports, recline, accommodate asymmetry and still achieve good posture and comfort, it is a fairly unique set up. I recently did an assessment with a child who had been in a moulded seat for some years, and her posture was better in the Chunc wheelchair than in the mould! The Chunc rep I use is second to none and makes working with the company seamless.

Claire Broughton-Welsh, Occupational Therapist

Product specification

SPECIFICATIONxs smallmediumlargexl
Max User Mass110kg110kg110kg110kg110kg
Seat Cushion Depth Range30-35cm35-40cm40-45cm45-50cm50-55cm
Seat Width 30cm35cm40cm45cm50cm
Back Rest Height 40cm45cm51cm57cm62cm
Total Backrest Height Growth5cm5cm5cm5cm5cm
Backrest Width25cm30cm31.5cm35cm48cm
Leg Rest Angle Range80˚-170˚80˚-170˚80˚-170˚80˚-170˚80˚-170˚
Leg Rest Length Range21-48cm21-48cm21-48cm21-48cm21-48cm
Back Rest Recline Angle Range90-180˚90-180˚90-180˚90-180˚90-180˚
Tilt in Space+3˚ to -45˚+3˚ to -45˚+3˚ to -45˚+3˚ to -45˚+3˚ to -45˚



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Pram Handle


Spoke Guards


Thigh Laterals