Rehabilitation Spica manual wheelchair
Available exclusively for rental

  • Recommended by the NHS & private children’s hospitals
  • For spica casts, leg braces & spinal surgery
  • Indoor & outdoor wheelchair
  • Frees up NHS beds

Only available in black

Key Features

  • Exclusively for rental service
  • Aids post operative recovery
  • Support for fixed cast positions
  • Available in four sizes: XS to L
  • Highly adaptable
  • Indoor & outdoor wheelchair
  • Up to 110kg user weight
  • Tilt in space

What’s Included

  • 45-degree Tilt in space wheelchair
  • Removable, adjustable leg splints
  • Foot operated parking brakes
  • Foot operated anti-tip levers
  • Tie down points for safe travel

Optional Features

  • Range of seats & backrests
  • Recline to 180-degrees
  • Postural support options

Aids recovery from spica surgery

Recommended by major NHS and private children’s hospitals in the UK, the Chunc Spica is our post operative wheelchair. Built primarily to accommodate hip spica casts, it facilitates early release from hospital after surgery to the familiar surroundings of home, whilst also freeing up hospital beds and saving the NHS money.

The Chunc Spica wheelchair is very flexible, with options to accommodate a wide range of fixed cast positions, from back recline and leg angle to knee bend. Angle adjustable footrests can also be fitted to assist physiotherapy. The Chunc Spica also suits those with other requirements, such as radial leg extension braces and spinal surgery.

Tilt in space

The Chunc Spica comes with a 45-degree tilt in space feature for added comfort as well as to improve posture and hip position.

Rent a Chunc Spica wheelchair

Most customers only require a Chunc Spica for a short period following a spica operation. Our rental service includes delivery by one of our expert wheelchair technicians (or by courier, if preferred), set up, collection at the end, as well as decontamination.

Funding your Spica

Our experienced team is always happy to advise on the different ways you may be able to secure funding for your Chunc Spica rental.

Call us to discuss:  01432 377512 or complete the contact form and we’ll get back to you.

Chunc chairs are robust and so easy to adapt. This means we as an outdoor centre can enable hundreds of guests to access the outdoors. It grows with the person which means that almost all guests no matter what their size or shape can be made comfortable.  Thank you to Chunc for kindly supporting The Bendrigg Trust and all of our guests in delivering epic memory-making experiences in the great outdoors.

Kate McCallum, Volunteer Co-ordinator, Bendrigg Trust

The new Chunc One wheelchair base with its sleek design and colours of black and red is very attractive. Its shock absorbing properties are par excellence, especially for users who like motion. Together with its wide wheels with deep tread, this makes for ease of pushing for the attendant – especially on uneven surfaces and rough terrain.

Faustina Turner, Physiotherapist

What we have really appreciated over our years with Chunc, is that they accommodate our needs. Our daughter’s condition is ongoing so we are often in touch with our Seating Specialist, Morgan, and he is always obliging and attends meetings with ourselves and our OT. It means a great deal to us that we can have an on-going relationship with the Chunc team.

J Weaver, Parent

We have been Chunc customers for the past seven years. Both daughters have them and recently have moved to moulded seats. We have found them both attractive and robust. Although a little expensive initially their longevity makes them a cost effective option. Our seating specialist, Ian Park, has always been friendly and knowledgeable providing excellent service, even travelling to our holiday destination to repair a gas strut after an emergency breakdown. I highly recommend Chunc.

Tracey Newell, Parent

I have been a fan of Chunc products for 16 years. I find it to be one of the most versatile seating systems/wheelchairs on the market. It can accommodate a huge range of users. And with the ability to offset supports, recline, accommodate asymmetry and still achieve good posture and comfort, it is a fairly unique set up. I recently did an assessment with a child who had been in a moulded seat for some years, and her posture was better in the Chunc wheelchair than in the mould! The Chunc rep I use is second to none and makes working with the company seamless.

Claire Broughton-Welsh, Occupational Therapist

Product Specification

Max User Mass110kg110kg110kg110kg
Seat Cushion Depth Range30-35cm35-40cm40-45cm45-50cm
Seat Width 30cm35cm40cm45cm
Back Rest Height40cm45cm51cm57cm
Total Backrest Height Growth5cm5cm5cm5cm
Backrest Width25cm30cm31.5cm35cm
Leg Rest Angle Range80˚-170˚80˚-170˚80˚-170˚80˚-170˚
Leg Rest Length Range21-48cm21-48cm21-48cm21-48cm
Back Rest Recline Angle Range90-180˚90-180˚90-180˚90-180˚
Tilt in Space+3˚ to -45˚+3˚ to -45˚+3˚ to -45˚+3˚ to -45˚



Communication Aid Bracket


Pram Handle


Spoke Guards


Thigh Laterals