Renting a Spica

It’s easy to rent a Spica wheelchair from us. Our post-operative Spica wheelchair has been designed primarily for children and young adults in hip spica casts. It can accommodate the width of the cast, however, it can be used for other requirements such as radial leg extension braces.

Returning to the comfort of home

We make the Chunc Spica available on a rental basis to facilitate early discharge from the hospital environment to the comfort and security of your own home.

Phone us direct: 01432 377 512 or complete our contact us form and we will get back to you, to talk you through this step by step.

Your hospital will let us know the date of the surgery, and your loan Chunc Spica wheelchair will be with you within a minimum of 3 working days of surgery taking place.

We deal with most NHS children’s hospitals in the UK, as well as many private hospitals.

We cannot successfully fit the Chunc Spica wheelchair to your child until after surgery, as casts are very specific to each child. However, when the surgery is complete and the child is well enough to be seated – we will work with you to arrange delivery as quick as possible.

Chunc will work with your OT/Physiotherapist to accommodate your child’s needs. Our expert wheelchair technicians have everything they need on their vehicles to adjust the Chunc Spica Wheelchair when out in the field, ensuring we can achieve the correct fit and posture management for your child.

The Chunc Spica wheelchair has the standard feature which we call “tilt” to enable improved comfort during the day. You can relax the angle of the back of the chair from zero to forty-five degrees, and all points in between. Twenty degrees is normally considered a comfortable position to sit, and forty-five is perfect for a snooze. The chair is still stable and can be comfortably be pushed around at the forty-five-degree angle if need be.

Obviously, we DO NOT recommend extended periods of sitting in the Spica wheelchair, so please take direction from your OT/Physio.

Chunc, will agree a duration with you when you place your order, but we are happy to flex this timescale if you need extra weeks* (*at an additional cost), just give us a call: 01432 377 512.

It is easy to return your Spica Wheelchair, just call: 01432 377 512 to make arrangements, and we will collect it from you at your convenience.

All of our rental Spica Wheelchairs, go through a vigorous decontamination process on return of the wheelchair. They also go through quality inspection making sure everything is in perfect working order, before they go back out for rental. We also dry-clean all fabric covers so you are assured they are thoroughly sanitised before use.

All Chunc wheelchairs can be adapted to accommodate differing seat and back lengths and widths. Take a look at our Size Guide so that you can take a few standard measurements to enable us to do the initial wheelchair set-up. We will adjust the wheelchair for all other anomalies caused by the cast when we deliver.

The wheels on the Spica mean it can be used indoor and outdoor.