Paige’s Journey: Empowering comfort with mobility

Born premature and diagnosed with cerebral palsy, Paige is a vibrant 25-year-old who embraces life with optimism. In 2015-2016, whilst Paige was at secondary school, she experienced a significant change in her spine curvature, transitioning from an S shape to a C shape. This change presented new obstacles in finding a comfortable, supportive and adaptable seating solution to meet her evolving requirements.

Discovering Comfort and Style

Paige’s quest for the perfect chair led her family to discover Chunc at the Kidz to Adultz Middle trade show in Coventry. Among the various options tried previously, the Chunc Hilo Indoor/Outdoor activity chair caught their eye. It stood out due to its superior cushioning, padding, and stylish appearance. Specifically tailored for use at home and education, Paige acquired her Hilo chair in 2017 and has relied on it daily whilst at college and the local day centre.

Additionally, Paige appreciates the aesthetic appeal of her chair, particularly the pink colour scheme for her seating, lateral support, and headrest.

See Paige’s graduation video below

A Versatile Companion for Life’s Adventures

One of the standout features of Paige’s Hilo Indoor/Outdoor chair is its versatility. Whether attending theatre performances, or enjoying concerts, Paige can depend on her Hilo for exceptional support and comfort.

Paige seated in a Chunc Hilo Indoor/Outdoor chair for home and education

Embracing Confidence and Independence

Unlike other chairs Paige tried in the past, which often had clinical appearances with unsightly square metal frames, the Chunc Hilo offers a sleek and stylish design that perfectly aligns with her personal preferences. The combination of comfort, support, and aesthetics makes Chunc the ideal solution for Paige’s daily mobility needs.

Paige’s journey with Chunc is a testament to the power of optimism and perseverance in overcoming challenges. With Chunc, Paige not only finds comfort and support but also a renewed sense of independence and confidence as she navigates through her day-to-day.

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