Back Care Awareness Spotlight: How Can Manual Wheelchairs Provide Back Pain Relief?

At Chunc, we understand the challenges parents, caregivers, and occupational therapists face when caring for children and young adults with moderate to profound disabilities including cerebral palsy, kyphosis, and scoliosis. In this article, we’ll delve into how our manual attendant wheelchairs provide back pain relief, deliver better posture and balance weight distribution for enhanced mobility and independence.

The impact of back pain on children and young adults with spinal disorders

Back pain can be a persistent issue, affecting the well-being of both the individual and their caregivers. It can lead to discomfort, reduced mobility, and even further health complications. Children and young adults with conditions such as cerebral palsy, kyphosis and scoliosis often experience back pain due to muscle imbalances, poor posture, and prolonged sitting.

10 ways Chunc wheelchairs can provide back pain relief

Posture Support: Correct seating and posture support can significantly reduce back pain in individuals with disabilities. Our wheelchairs are ergonomically designed to provide optimal posture support, reducing the risk of musculoskeletal discomfort.

Weight Distribution: Manual wheelchairs distribute the user’s weight evenly, which is especially beneficial for minimising pressure on the spine, reducing the risk of exacerbating spinal deformities and developing pressure sores.

Customisation: Every individual’s needs are unique. That’s why our manual attendant wheelchairs can be customised to accommodate specific postural and comfort requirements, providing added pain relief. This includes selecting the appropriate seat depth, width and backrest height to ensure a comfortable and supportive fit. The Chunc One’s 45-degree tilt in space feature provides pressure relief as well as allowing a greater feeling of comfort and relaxation when required.

Ease of Mobility: Improved mobility helps prevent stiffness and muscle imbalances, contributing to reduced back pain. Our wheelchairs are designed to be manoeuvrable and user-friendly, enhancing daily mobility.

Reduced Strain on the User’s Back: Manual attendant wheelchairs are designed for caregivers to push or manoeuvre, alleviating the user’s need to exert physical effort. This is especially advantageous for individuals with back pain who cannot propel themselves.

Improved Posture and Ergonomics: Many manual attendant wheelchairs are ergonomically designed with features like adjustable seating positions and appropriate lumbar support. These features promote better posture and help reduce the risk of exacerbating back pain.

Controlled Mobility: Caregivers have greater control over the movement of manual attendant wheelchairs, allowing them to navigate obstacles and uneven terrain smoothly. This control minimises sudden jolts or movements that could lead to discomfort or pain for the user.

Assistance with Transfers: Transferring a person with back pain in and out of a wheelchair can be challenging. Manual attendant wheelchairs like ours include features like removable armrests and swing-away footrests, making transfers easier and less physically demanding for both the user and caregiver. The Chunc One’s 45-degree tilt-in-space feature tilts the entire seating system while maintaining a fixed seat-to-floor angle. This provides better trunk and head support as well as redistributing pressure across the body, reducing shear forces by allowing the user to reposition their body without sliding in the chair.

Lightweight and Manoeuvrable: Many manual attendant wheelchairs are lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, which can reduce the strain on caregivers as they navigate tight spaces or assist the user in daily activities.

Enhanced Quality of Life: Manual attendant wheelchairs give users greater independence in terms of mobility. By providing a comfortable and ergonomic seating solution that reduces the strain on the user’s back, manual attendant wheelchairs contribute to an improved quality of life for individuals with back pain. They can participate in daily activities, social interactions, and outdoor outings with greater ease and comfort.


Manual wheelchairs significantly improve the lives of children and young adults with spinal disorders and can provide significant back pain relief. These wheelchairs prioritise user comfort, ease of use, and caregiver assistance, ultimately helping to alleviate discomfort and enhance overall well-being. We are committed to providing adaptable, innovative solutions that enhance the quality of life for individuals with disabilities. Our manual attendant wheelchairs are not just mobility aids; they are tools for improving comfort, posture, and overall well-being.

*It is essential for individuals to consult with healthcare professionals or physical therapists when considering the use of a manual attendant wheelchair. These experts can assess the individual’s specific needs and recommend the most suitable wheelchair and treatment plan for you.

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