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Chunc wheelchairs are manufactured in England, producing a range of high quality childrens paediatric wheelchairs designed specifically for children and young people.

Working closely with healthcare professionals, parents and carers to provide seating solutions for children in wheelchairs.
Our design team are continuously developing the range of products and support options which provide mobility, postural management and adjustable wheelchair seating solutions for children and young people.

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  • chunc octo back Octo

    The OCTO Contour adjustable back provides a solution for complex disabilities.It provides support by creating a pelvic girdle, which can be extended to provide thigh laterals to manage adduction and adjusted to seat width required. Thoracic level support is offered with width adjustment easily set.
    The Octo back allows segments to be positioned independently on adjusting the ‘spine’ on the system.

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  • chunc 45 wheelchair for children
    Chunc 45˚

    The Chunc 45° children's wheelchair makes a vital contribution to a 24 hour postural management programme. The adaptability and versatility of our chunc support options enable therapists to optimally position and support the wheelchair user. This ensures that the most biomechanically efficient position of the pelvis and spine can be achieved as well as ensuring excellent support to the thighs, feet and head.

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  • chunc spica paediatric wheelchair
    Chunc Spica

    The Chunc Spica offers a post operative mobility solution for children and young people in hip spica casts and other requirements such as radial leg extension braces. Highly configurable leg supports and backrest are able to accommodate the awkward position created by the large post operative plaster.

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  • chunc adapt wheelchair for children
    Chunc Adapt

    The Chunc Adapt offers a solution for children and young people with specialised seating requirements. The mulitiple options for seating interfaces allows a wide range of specialised seating systems to be attached. These can include Modular, Moulded, Martix and Foam Carved. The Chunc Adapt is especially stable and adaptable and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

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  • chunc recline and tilt wheelchair for children
    Recline & Tilt

    An added feature to the Chunc 45 range is the Chunc Recline which offers quick and easy adjustment of the back to seat angle. The Chunc 45 Recline and Tilt provides up to 75 degrees of recline in addition to the 45 degrees of tilt. Beneficial for seizure management, abdominal cramps and creates a platform for facilitation of personal care.

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chunc wheelchairs is an approved nhs supplier
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