Customer Testimonial: Michael’s Life-changing Journey with Chunc

Customer Testimonial: Michael’s Life-changing Journey with Chunc

Meet Michael, a 13-year-old boy with complex postural needs. Michael is non-mobile, non-verbal, and lives with a rare metabolic condition, dystonia and epilepsy. His postural requirements have evolved over time and therefore needs a chair that can adapt to his changing needs. Karen Abraham, Michael’s mother and carer shares in this customer testimonial how Chunc has helped transform Michael’s quality of life.

Life before Chunc

Michael’s family explored various wheelchair options before discovering Chunc.

Karen Abraham, Michael’s mother and carer said: “They were standard paediatric wheelchairs with little comfort, they didn’t look aesthetically pleasing and as Michael got older they became more difficult to push and manoeuvre.

The turning point came when we visited a disability roadshow event in Newcastle in 2016 where the Chunc immediately caught our eye. It was so stylish and stood out from everything else we had seen. As we were buying the Chunc chair privately, our main concern was cost. Thanks to the free trial, our doubts were dispelled as it proved that the chair was perfect for Michael.”

After Chunc:

Karen says: “The Chunc chair is amazing! It provides the essential all-day support Michael needs whilst being easy to manoeuvre and it looks the part. Michael’s tone can change quite considerably and the Chunc has been great in adapting to these changes. It accommodates so many of his [and our] needs – over and above other chairs we have previously tried. We feel confident and reassured that Michael is safe, comfortable and secure in the Chunc One. It fits in perfectly with our lifestyle and enables us as a family to regularly enjoy the outdoors by going on coastal walks with Michael.”

“The Chunc chair is amazing! It provides the essential all-day support Michael needs whilst being easy to manoeuvre plus it looks the part.”

Karen Abraham

Adaptable, stylish and comfortable

“For us, the most significant benefits of the Chunc chair are its comfort, adaptability, and support. It grows with Michael as he transitions from a young child to an adult. Michael is slim but relatively tall at 5ft and we’ve been so impressed with how the chair has adapted to his development.”

Now Michael has outgrown the Chunc Large, the Abraham family have upgraded to the Chunc XL, as he enters his teenage years and heads towards adulthood.

Exceptional customer service

“Chunc shines with its stylish appearance, unwavering support, exceptional comfort, and adaptability. Terry our regional seating specialist has gone above and beyond with his quality of service. He provides advice, guidance, and support every step of the way, ensuring that Michael’s particular needs are met.”

For Michael and his family, Chunc has been a life-changing mobility solution that eliminates many key challenges they previously faced. Its standout features, comfort, and adaptability have made it an invaluable part of their lives. The decision to choose Chunc was driven by the realisation that it was not just a chair; it is a solution that provides Michael with the support and freedom he deserves.

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