Meet the Team: Graham Ridley

Q. Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background?

A. Absolutely! I live in Herefordshire with my wife and two daughters (aged 10 and 8). I’m a DIY enthusiast and engineer through and through. My journey began as an apprentice with a local Hereford company, which took me from the shop floor to working in the design office for over four years. Along the way, I became proficient in CAD design, and I’ve worked in a wide range of industries spanning function testing, inspection, research and development.

Q. How long have you been with Chunc, and what are your primary roles and responsibilities there?

A. I’ve been with Chunc for just over a month now, and it’s been quite the adventure! As Engineering and Production Manager, my role encompasses a broad spectrum of activities including engineering, design, and product management. I manage our production team to ensure we consistently deliver a high standard of quality and excellence. A key project I’ve been involved in is maintaining our ISO 13485 certification, which ensures we meet the leading globally recognised medical device quality standard. In addition, I oversee inventory management whilst ensuring smooth delivery and dispatch processes are in place. CAD, particularly SolidWorks, is my trusted ally in bringing concepts to life.

Q: What drew you to Chunc initially?

A: Chunc’s commitment to making a real impact in people’s lives resonated deeply with me. The company’s focus on people, purpose, and passion, coupled with its dedication to supporting children and young adults with their daily mobility needs, made it a natural fit for me. I was drawn to the opportunity to contribute to meaningful innovation within a supportive and dynamic environment for a local family-run business, where all of our manufacturing is delivered in-house.

Q: How does your role at Chunc impact clients and the products they receive?

A: My primary goal is to ensure that our products not only meet but exceed expectations. By maintaining rigorous standards of quality and fostering a culture of innovation, I aim to deliver products that are not only timely but truly transformative for our clients. Whether it’s through meticulous attention to detail or market-driven innovation, I strive to leave a lasting impression on those we serve.

Q: Is there anything about yourself that might surprise your team members?

A: Well, here’s a fun fact—I’m currently learning to play the piano! Amidst the rigours of engineering, I’ve found solace in the melodies of music—a testament to my belief in continuous learning and personal growth.