Lauren’s Story: Chunc One provides a gateway to the outside world

Lauren sitting in Chunc One wheelchair enjoying the outdoors.

Meet Lauren who is 20 years old and was diagnosed with cerebral palsy in childhood. In sharing Lauren’s story, her father and carer Ronnie explains how the Chunc One wheelchair is more than just a seating solution; it’s a gateway to enhanced comfort, support and the outside world.

Optimal comfort for daily function

“We first learned of the Chunc chair following a recommendation from Lauren’s physio and occupational therapy (OT) team, who recognised its adaptability and suitability for her daily activities. Their recommendation reassured us that the Chunc One would be a reliable companion for Lauren and provide the necessary comfort, adaptability and support she needs.

With its extensive support features and posture adjustment capabilities, the Chunc chair provides optimal comfort for her daily function.

Personalisation, Practicality and Style

McLeish added: “Beyond the functional benefits, Chunc provides a good range of options for customising the look of the chair. We’ve been able to personalise the Chunc One with a distinct pink and black design, which looks really stylish and far less clinical compared to other wheelchairs we’ve seen in the marketplace. The chair works so well with Lauren’s living space as it is not too big or cumbersome to manoeuvre.”

Fresh air and fresh surroundings

“As Lauren is bedbound most hours, she spends 1-2 hours a day in the Chunc One. During the warmer summer months, we can now provide her with some fresh air and a change of scenery.”

Customer using Chunc One wheelchair demonstrating outdoor mobility for individuals with disabilities.

Customer Service

“I would wholeheartedly recommend Chunc to families like me. They deliver first class service and they’re a first class company.”

Mr McLeish

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