Independent Leg Rest Assembly

Independent leg rest assembly
Chunc has a close relationship with OTs and Physiotherapists, and it is as a result of conversations with them that the Independent Leg Rest Assembly was designed. The health professionals that fed into the new design, stressed that in their case studies at least 75% of children and young adults required their lower legs to be at a different angle from each other for seated wellbeing.


Posture Management

Wheelchair posture management for children and adults with complex disabilities is governed by biomechanical factors. The “ideal seated posture” for the pelvis, knees, ankles and elbows is to gain an angle of close to 90 degrees for each. (See diagram below.) However, certain conditions limit this ambition, meaning your OT/Physiotherapist will be striving to achieve, what is termed. a “stable seated posture”. Having the ability to adjust the angles that the lower legs achieve by positioning the calf, ankle and feet “independently” can help procure this “stable seated posture” which is essential for patient wellbeing. 


The Chunc Independent Leg Rest Assembly enables a “tailor-made” solution to lower leg comfort.


Standard leg rest

Users have all the benefits of a Standard Leg Rest, which include:

  • Adjustment of length from knee to ankle.
  • Adjustment of foot angles.
  • Adjustment of the angle of the lower legs.

  However, the Independent Leg Rest Assembly enables this to happen "independently".

Independent Leg Rest Assembly

  • Independent adjustment of length from knee to ankle.
  • Independent adjustment of foot angles.
  • Independent adjustment of the angle of the lower leg.

Up to 100 degrees of adjustment

The Independent Leg Rest Assembly enables up to 100 degrees of adjustment of the lower legs, independently of each other, even if an acute angle (less than 90 degrees) is required.

Adaptable solution

Stable seated posture can be procured for the patient on an on-going basis, as changes that happen over time, whether from growth or medical changes, can be accommodated by simple adaptions to the Independent leg Rest Assembly. 



As with all Chunc accessories, the Independent Leg Rest Assembly is compatible with all of our range of wheelchairs.


Book a demo - Health professionals

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Any questions?

Further questions on the Independent Leg Rest Assembly? Please feel that you can call us for a chat, our engineers are in-house, meaning we can answer any technical queries swiftly: 

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