Chunc One Spica

The Chunc Spica Wheelchair offers a post operative mobility solution for children and adults in hip spica casts and other requirements such as radial leg extension braces. Highly configurable leg supports and backrest are able to accommodate the awkward position created by the large post operative plaster.The Chunc One Spica facilitates early discharge from the hospital environment to the comfort and security of the home. Furthermore, having being crash tested (suitable for transportation) the chair allows continued participation in the social, education and therapy environments.

We offer two rental packages:

1. Spica in a box: Courier delivery, collection and decontamination charge.
2. Spica with a rep: Includes delivery, training, setup and collection.

Spica Calculator
Rental service available
Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
Individually removable adjustable leg splints
Four sizes: xs, small, medium, large
Set back recline angle between 90 degrees and 160 degrees
User mass: 54kg xs, small, medium
20 degree posterior, 20 degree anterior tilt
Seat depth growth of 7.5cm/3" in each size
Suitable as a forward-facing seat in a motor vehicle
Crash tested ISO 7176 (ANSI RESNA)

chunc wheelchairs - spica
Rental can include fitting, delivery and collection service.

Spica Support Options

Postural Support Options Wheelchair Seating Options
Range of headrests
Spica Wing Supports
Range of Harnesses
Basic Seat
Basic Backrest
Supportive Backrest