Chunc Hilo Indoor

The Chunc Hilo Wheelchair has been designed specifically for school and home environments creating a stable base for easy table height adjustment. The 'tilt' in space feature allows the seat to be filled without affecting the balance and stability between the seat and chassis. The range of tilt is between -25 degrees and +15 degrees prone. There are two options either powered or foot pump versions.

Powered or foot pump version
'Tilt in Space' 30 degrees to 5 degrees prone
One size frame, growth adjustment, Maximum user weight 75kg
Designed to allow the Chunc Sit seating system to be fitted. This can either be fixed or detachable.
Weight of chassis 20kg
Height adjustment 310 - 650mm
For use in schools and home environments
Other seating systems can be fitted, please contact Chunc for more information.

chunc wheelchairs - hilo indoor

We offer bespoke modifications to suit your chair requirements. Please contact us to discuss your custom build options.

chunc wheelchairs - hilo indoor

The Chunc range makes a vital contribution to 24 hour postural management. The adaptability and versatility of our chunc support options enable therapists to optimally position and support the user.

chunc sit option

Hilo Indoor combined with Chunc SIT Support Options

Postural Support Options Wheelchair Seating Options Wheelchair Other Options
Range of headrests
Thoracic Supports
Height-adjustable Armrests
Thigh Lateral Supports
Calf Pads
Knee Blocks
Multi-plane Armrests
PSIS Insert
Range of Harnesses
Elbow Blockers
Basic Seat
Contour Seat
Ischial Seat
Basic Backrest
Supportive Backrest
Enhanced Contour Seat
Running Drum Brakes
Communications Aid Mount
Power Assist
Spoke Guards
Rain Cover / Sun Canopy
O2 Mount
Growth Kits
Medical Equipment Tray