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Chunc Octo

The Octo offers wheelchair users a solution for those who require greater comfort and a backrest that will accommodate skeletal issues over time when growth is a major consideration.

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Chunc Octo

Chunc Octo provides support by creating a pelvic girdle, which can be extended to provide thigh laterals to manage adduction and adjusted to seat width required. Thoracic level support is offered with width adjustment easily set. The Octo allows segments to be positioned independently on adjusting the 'spine' on the system. The Octo can be adjusted to change shape as the user changes shape through growth in height, weight or skeletal change. The Octo can be an integral postural management system to include support options such as head rests, foot plates / footbox, harnesses and belts. The Octo is cross platform compatible for a number of different wheelchairs and mobility bases.When finding seating solutions we recognise that specialist seat cushions and systems will improve the solution. Amongst others, Versa Inserto - Domino Inserto seat would be appropriate.

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Octo Features

Can be fitted to a wide range of wheelchairs
Crash Tested ISO 7176 (ANSI RESNA) part 19
Comes in 2 tier, 3 tier or 4 tier available
Provides support for complex disabilities
Available in Junior sizes up to 6 tiers
2 year warranty
6 colour options available

One chair for life

thigh laterals
As your child grows, the chair grows with them by using different growth kits which can be fitted to the chair. These are available in small, medium and large to accommodate all sizes enabling one chair for life.

Recline Options

recline and tilt
The recline and fold & recline and slide allows the chair to recline for personal care or in the event of a medical emergency.

Wheelchair Options

The Chunc wheelchair has a huge range of options including headrests, seat cushions, back rests, thoracics, pommel, thigh laterals, raincover, armrests and many more. See our options page for more information.

Power Assist

power assist
Optional motor creates a power assisted manual attendant controlled paediatric wheelchair to aid with climbing hills and other challenging terrain.
chunc octoback features

Product Specification

  Specification XS Small Medium Large
1 Max user mass 110kg 110kg 110kg 110kg
2 Cushion Depth Range 20-30cm 25-35cm 30-40cm 35-45cm
3 Seat Cushion Depth Growth 10cm 10cm 10cm 10cm
4 Seat Width Range 15-26cm 20-31cm 25-36cm 30-41cm
5 Total Seat Width Growth 11cm 11cm 11cm 11cm
7 Back Rest Height Range 36-44cm 42-52cm 48-60cm 54-66cm
8 Total Backrest Height Growth 8cm 10cm 12cm 12cm
9 Backrest Width 21cm 25cm 29cm 33cm
10 Leg Rest Angle Range 80˚-170˚ 80˚-170˚ 80˚-170˚ 80˚-170˚
11 Leg Rest Length Range 21-48cm 21-48cm 21-48cm 21-48cm
12 Back Rest Recline Angle Range 90-180˚ 90-180˚ 90-180˚ 90-180˚
13 Tilt in Space +3˚ to -45˚ +3˚ to -45˚ +3˚ to -45˚ +3˚ to -45˚
postural supports

Seat & Backrest Options

Basic Seat
Contour Seat
Enhanced Contour Seat
Ischial Seat
Basic Backrest
Supportive Backrest
Junior Octo® Back
Standard Octo® Back

Postural Support Options

Range of headrests
Thoracic Supports
Range of armrests
Thigh Lateral Supports
Knee Blocks
PSIS Insert
Range of Harnesses & Lap Belts
Footrest options

Wheelchair Other Options

Sun Canopy and Rain Cover
Power Assist
Hub Brakes
Communications Aid Mount
Over Wheel Protectors
O2 Mount
Growth Kits
Medical Equipment Tray
Elbow Blockers
Calf Pads

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