Chunc Wheelchairs


Chunc wheelchairs

The Chunc range of manual attendant controlled, postural management wheelchairs are easy to use, economical to maintain and, above all offer indoor and outdoor mobility for children and young adults with moderate to specialist needs.

Born from a requirement for a wheelchair that was:-

  • Comfortable
  • Had a postural management seating system
  • Easy to use for carers

HR Smith Group worked with disabled young people, healthcare professionals and carers to gain insight into exactly what users needed from a wheelchair.

Using innovative materials and engineering technology transferred from the HR Smith Group aerospace business, a unique and patented modular design was created that gives the Chunc user a level of user adaptability and adjustment not previously available in a wheelchair.

As the young person grows and their needs change, the Chunc can grow and change with them. Providing them with one chair for life.