Chunc Octo

Chunc Octo provides support by creating a pelvic girdle, which can be extended to provide thigh laterals to manage adduction and adjusted to seat width required. Thoracic level support is offered with width adjustment easily set. The Octo allows segments to be positioned independently on adjusting the 'spine' on the system. The Octo can be adjusted to change shape as the user changes shape through growth in height, weight or skeletal change. The Octo can be an integral postural management system to include support options such as head rests, foot plates / footbox, harnesses and belts. The Octo is cross platform compatible for a number of different wheelchairs and mobility bases.When finding seating solutions we recognise that specialist seat cushions and systems will improve the solution. Amongst others, Versa Inserto - Domino Inserto seat would be appropriate.

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